Tone Bender 7" (Summershine)/February Fourteenth 7" (Slumberland) These were the first two Lilys releases, compiled for 1993's four-song Tone Bender EP (Summershine). The players: guitar, vocals: Kurt Heasley; drums: Mike Hammel (The Ropers, Vexers); guitar: Archie Moore (Velocity Girl, Heartworms, Saturday People, Black Tambourine); drums: Harold "Bear" Evans (Poole); samples: Ken Heitmuller (Suddenly, Tammy!); drums: Mike Glasgow (The Ropers); guitar, vocals: Dana Cerick (solo artist, The Alcohol Stuntband); bass: Alex Hacker (The Ropers).


In The Presence of Nothing (Slumberland/SpinART) The first Lilys full-length (10 songs) was recorded at Cat Box in Lancaster, Pa. Features favorites "Claire Hates Me" and "There's No Such Thing As Black Orchids." The players were mostly imported from Washington, D.C.: guitar, vocals: Kurt Heasley; guitar: Archie Moore; drums: Harold "Bear" Evans, Mike Hammel; backup vocals: Ken Heitmueller, Beth Sorrentino and Jay Sorrentino (all three of Suddenly, Tammy!). Engineered/produced by Jay Sorrentino and Ken Heitmueller.