shut up, it's Christmas a suddenly, tammy! holiday e.p.




Release Date
Dec 15 1995
Label :
Warner Brothers
Catalog Number
Ken Heitmueller bass, vocals
Beth Sorrentino vocals, piano
Jay Sorrentino drums
Track Name Length
1 there in my head 3.33
2 linus & lucy 2.27
3 plant the halls 2.59
4 snowman 4.10
5 whole lotta girl 2.52
6 merry 3.41
7 rock 'n' roll with santa claus 1.46
  Total Time 21.29


Liner Notes


Other Notes

plant the halls is really deck the halls, but with an plant me intro and rhythm.

snowman is the original demo version from (we get there when we do.). It's kinda unplugged....and played by a toychestra.

whole lotta girl made it onto comet, but this version is different than what appears on the "p2p" version of the record.

merry also made it onto comet. It sounds like the same version.

I do not have more details about this recording.