Suddenly, Tammy!




Release Date
May 25, 1993
Label :
Spin Art
Catalog Number
1993, "where's jay?" music, BMI
CD, LP, Cassette
Ken Heitmueller bass, vocals
Beth Sorrentino vocals, piano
Jay Sorrentino drums
Track Name Length
1 stacey's trip 2.41

plant me

3 the way up 3.42
4 intro to babee 0.23
5 babee 4.32
6 no respect girl 3.44
7 can't decide 3.38
8 disease 2.35
9 lamp 2.43
10 bell & howell 0.45
11 how he 3.39
12 instrumental 2.24
13 fearless 2.54
14 ryan 3.00
15 mt. rushmore 3.48
  Total Time 45.14


Liner Notes

The music in the recording was written and produced by the band. Recorded at "The Cat Box", Lancaster, Pa., mixed at "The OutPost", Stoughton, Mass., 1992. Words by Beth, (except for "Stacey's Trip" - Stacey Stambaugh.) Engineered by Pete Kreider and Jeff Keiser. Cover art by Jay, inside and back cover pictures by Pete Kreider. Inside of book by Beth. THANKS SO MUCH to Karl Sr. and Alice Heitmueller, Eddie Kowalczyk, Yvette Waidley, Jim Siegal at "The Outpost", Jeff and Joel at SpinArt, Karl Heitmueller, Erin Riley, Mom, Martha, Dad, Lisa Arzt, Sean Slade, Genie, Melissa Allen, Diane Cluck, and to all of our friends for the help and support!

SpinArt Records PO Box 1798, NY, NY 10156

7 twenty management 720 greenwich st #6J, New York, NY 10014

For more info: "suddenly, Tammy!" 1128 Mill - Mar Rd. Lancaster, PA. 17601


Other Notes




plant me

plant me and watch me grow

you're taking me for a ride

spin me when you are ready to guess

and write it down in blood

do you have any idea

what they're doing outside?

and my intuition tells me

how to get by

now what side are you on?

you keep changing



you like the lamp here


i like it over there

there's something about it

makes my whole room pink

and you're thinking of things

that you said, i think

and you don't pay for anything

they say you have to "just

get into that car with your

back turned"

the other way


your eyes shine : there she is


how he

how he does it without all

and when you find her


it's just her way of saying "hi"

can't be that talking thing

hope i can get it

and it's a part of all of this

and when you find how, explain it to me


it's a lot of workm but i'm in it for good.



he said "heaven is lots of boxes

tied up in a row"

it's better to die than to be

caught dead that way

is that where all the

little souls go when they

catch a cold? and

you where your own sign,

'cause you bought it, right?

it's time to get in one big circle

back to the big books again

it's better to line up than be

caught red-handed

"is that where all the

better boys get to stand?"