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Interview: Beth Sorrentino.

Last but not least, das Interview zu Track Nummer neun auf den trndtunes: Beth Sorrentino aus den USA.

Beth Sorrentino

Can you first give us a short review about your band-history?

I am a singer songwriter, and was the former lead singer, composer, and pianist for Suddenly, Tammy!, on Warner Bros. from 1993-97.

Beth Sorrentino is:
Beth Sorrentino ;-)
How would you describe your music?

Piano, vocals, and everyday things thrown in.

Are you a studio-project or are you playing live as well?

I play live occasionally in New York, collaborating with friends.

Where have you heard of the possibility to promote your music via Creative Commons?

Through my colleague and friend Irwin Chusid.

Creative Commons is a very good thing, but bands can´t earn any money this way. How do you solve this problem? Do you have Compact Discs for sale?

I am a full time music teacher actually, and really do my own composition for fun, and because I love to play and write. But I am working on some better self promotion and hope to get back into the swing of things in the next year, thanks to support from resources like this!

band exists since: the past 38 years
origin of the band: my mom ;-)
year of publication: 2004
homepage of the band: Beth Sorrentino
What do you think about the meaning of big record companies in the age of internet? Is a netlabel the better way to distribute music?

I believe that any sincere source. Resource that helps to foster and promote good, diverse music is a wonderful and essential thing, and at the moment, the Internet is providing an unlimited variety of resources.

What will become a trend in the near future in your opinion?

I believe that all music will be available via internet and cds will become almost obsolete.. I think resurgence in organic records, vinyl; the need to have tangible and moving musical experiences will become important for both the listener and creator.

What are you going to do next?

I am releasing a record, hopefully, in the near future, and hope to play more and collaborate more with fellow musicians. I am also writing arts/ music curricula for k-8th grade students in the New York City Schools, where I work full time as a music and arts educator.

Anything else you would like to let our readers know?

I am a full time music teacher in elementary school, currently collaborating with educators, musicians, and young students to create interesting, original music!


Meinungen der trnd-Partner

12.06.06 - 13:22 Uhr
von royse

ich dachte grad “irgendwoher kommt mir der name doch bekannt vor” .. dann suddenly, tammy .. das ist bereits eine sehr leckere combo gewesen.


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