Where did the band start?

around lancaster pennsylvania

Why did they break up?


Where did the name come from?

it's in the strip.


What are Beth / Jay / Ken doing these days?

beth - recording, teaching, living in nyc.

jay - is drumming for Pistola Amoré

ken - does studio work at Independence NYC

How can I get a hold of their unreleased record?

Is there a mailing list or forum for this band still?

yes there is.

Who are Beth's influences?

well, carole king to start

Is there a way to get Beth's "Nine Songs, One Story" on a physical CD?

itunes does allow you to burn the m4p to a cd (if you are authorized to do so).

Why doesn't the band have a guitarist?

they didn't need one.

Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?

well, no one actually. it's a mausoleum.

Why do you maintain a site for a band that is no longer together?

a few reasons. Suddenly, Tammy! made (and beth continues to make) some amazing music. the info about this music was never really organized. fans of this music deserve better.

What is the deal with your site layout?

i pay the bills with other skills.

I have some [corrections, additions, comments]. Where do I send them?

help is appreciated.